1951 Feb
Saito Kenzo Store was founded in Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo.
1955 May
Saito Kenzo Co., Ltd. was established and changed to a corporative organization.
1974 Apr
The company name was changed to Nippon Copack Inc.
1984 Feb
The first Hanger Exhibition was held. It was the first exhibition in this field.
1985 Aug
OHS Hangers (plastic) were developed.
1992 Apr
The re-use and recycle hanger business was started.
1995 Jun
Re-use business of returnable and foldable containers was started.
1995 Sep
Leading the hanger business field, China factories were established to be our production base.
2000 Jun
Our Shanghai office was opened.
2001 Apr
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of its foundation, we held the exhibition ‘Aiming for the Blue Earth & Environment’ in the Tokyo International Forum.
2004 Feb
Shanghai Copack was established.
2010 Sep
Taiwan Copack was established.
2011 Apr
All factories specialized in display were gathered into our Shanghai factory.
2011 Apr
Hong Kong Copack was established.
2016 Nov
New collection ‘Third’ following the VMD trend was launched.
2016 Dec
The wide-area certification system of the waste disposal special exception set by the Ministry of the Environment was acquired.
2017 Jan
The corporate logo was changed to COPACK.
2017 Mar
Started running the new selection way of displaying tools, CUSTOMCOPACK.
2017 Mar
Exhibited in EuroShop 2017.
2018年 4月
おしゃれな店舗什器の専門ECサイト SHOP COPACK 開設
2018年 5月
「服の見せ方」を考えるギャラリー CPK GALLERY 開設
2019年 1月
サステイナブルな店舗運営を実現するプロジェクト eCOPACK 開始
2019年 12月
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