Setting hangers as our main products, COPACK plans, produces as well as sells display fixtures and fittings.
COPACK always expands new business to match the modern trend.


In 1989, we started a hanger re-use business and it was the first attempt in the hanger business field.
Currently, approx. 100 companies and 6,400 stores are using our re-use systems.

In 2016, we started recycle waste hanger systems, in order to re-use waste hangers as well as getting waste hangers back to be resources.


In 1995, leading in the hanger business field, we established production factories in China.
We set our Shanghai factory as a main production site and we have over 20-year-experience of our business.
We can provide Japanese apparel customers with various products, starting from small lots to high-quality products for their needs in the market.

In 2017, we changed our corporate logo from NIPPON COPACK to COPACK.
We participated in the exhibition of Euro Shop 2017 and it was our first participation.
We keep developing to produce and supply our high-quality products with Japanese design worldwide.

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